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Shoot your way through the pages of an ever-changing comic book in this fast-paced roguelike. Play solo, in local or online co-op, expand your weaponry, and upgrade your hero with each run. All that to find out why has your creator lost his faith in you and to prove him wrong.

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Replay Value 364 votes
Roguelike 321 votes
Fast-Paced 317 votes
Difficult 256 votes
Old School 242 votes
Online Co-Op 242 votes
Shooter 235 votes
Platformer 233 votes
Local Multiplayer 227 votes
2D 226 votes
2D Platformer 225 votes
Perma Death 222 votes
Roguelite 212 votes
Co-op 209 votes
Side Scroller 208 votes
RPG 198 votes
Combat 191 votes
Local Co-Op 189 votes
Multiplayer 187 votes
Action 179 votes
Replay Value 26,364 points
Roguelike 25,046 points
Fast-Paced 23,727 points
Difficult 22,409 points
Old School 21,091 points
Online Co-Op 19,773 points
Shooter 18,455 points
Platformer 17,136 points
Local Multiplayer 15,818 points
2D 14,500 points
2D Platformer 13,182 points
Perma Death 11,864 points
Roguelite 10,546 points
Co-op 9,227 points
Side Scroller 7,909 points
RPG 6,591 points
Combat 5,273 points
Local Co-Op 3,955 points
Multiplayer 2,636 points
Action 1,318 points




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