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Celebrate five years since Sea of Thieves' launch with this special edition, including a copy of the game with all permanent content added since launch, plus a 10,000 gold bonus and a selection of Hunter cosmetics: the Hunter Cutlass, Pistol, Compass, Hat, Jacket and Sails.

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Multiplayer 1,077 votes
Adventure 1,040 votes
Open World 1,025 votes
Pirates 885 votes
Co-op 821 votes
Online Co-Op 756 votes
Action 717 votes
PvP 686 votes
Sailing 680 votes
First-Person 520 votes
Exploration 477 votes
Naval 426 votes
Funny 364 votes
PvE 356 votes
Massively Multiplayer 331 votes
Atmospheric 308 votes
FPS 295 votes
Swordplay 287 votes
Great Soundtrack 284 votes
Singleplayer 262 votes
Multiplayer 87,679 points
Adventure 83,295 points
Open World 78,911 points
Pirates 74,528 points
Co-op 70,144 points
Online Co-Op 65,760 points
Action 61,376 points
PvP 56,992 points
Sailing 52,608 points
First-Person 48,224 points
Exploration 43,840 points
Naval 39,456 points
Funny 35,072 points
PvE 30,688 points
Massively Multiplayer 26,304 points
Atmospheric 21,920 points
FPS 17,536 points
Swordplay 13,152 points
Great Soundtrack 8,768 points
Singleplayer 4,384 points




Online PvP
Online Co-op
Cross-Platform Multiplayer
Steam Achievements
Steam Trading Cards
In-App Purchases
Partial Controller Support
Remote Play on Phone
Remote Play on Tablet

Crossplay Platforms

Windows PC
Xbox One

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Xbox Game Studios 238